Integration with platform

Monday, May 7, 2018| Tags: integration, API

This is a short guide on how you can easily integarte into any website and application. If you will encounter any problems - please contact us. Our engineers will be happy to assist you.

Technical integration is very simple and requires several simple steps:

  1. Register account.
  2. Install tracker to the app or website.
    1. you can skip this step if you already use snowplow or segment trackers
  3. Configure tracker to collect necessary events and send them to rexy servers (we use standard e-commerce events - Product View, Product Add, etc - we will provide all assistance if needed)
  4. Expose catalog and provides us URL to access it.
  5. Once it’s done we will set up your environmet and provide access to our API. And this is the last step - enjoy real-time 1:1 personalization.

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