Smart recommendations are the driver for your revenues.

  1. Shoppers that click a recommendation are nearly twice as likely to come back to the site
  2. Purchases where a recommendation was clicked saw a 10% higher Average Order Value.
  3. Shoppers that clicked a product recommendation spent an average of 12.9 minutes on-site vs. just 2.9 minutes for those who didn’t click recommendations.

Similar Products Recommendations

Make the most of each view by showing your customers full variety of products available to suite every taste. Machine learning science and predictive algorithms ensure that each customer receives the best suggestions.

Supplementary Products Recommendations

Boost your Average Order Value by recommending the right products at the right time. Suggest your customer products that compliment his purchase making shopping experience more fulfilling and gratifying.

Visual Recommendations

Important for dealing with cold start problem, our visual recommendations algorithm brings deep learning power to your service.